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Welcome to the YTY website

YTY specialises in the tokenisation of assets of all kinds, secured by our NFCready® smart cards.

We program NFCready® cards with the following digital content

Your QRcode,

Your Web site,

Your mobile application,

Your digital documents* in Adobe .PDF, .JPG or .PNG formats.

*Instant Application option

How does it work?

Just bring your NFC smartphone* from the square of the menu card to display a window with a clickable link. Your customer then navigates through your dematerialized menus.

  • We take care of encoding the electronic chips embedded in your cards with the same code as your QRcode, with the address of your website or that of your mobile application.
  • No encoding fee, it’s included in the card price.
  • We provide you with a web address to track the chronological statistics of your customers viewing your content.

* NFC contactless technology

NFC or “Near Field Communication” or CCP (Communication en Champs Proche, in French) is a technology that allows to establish a communication between 2 compatible devices at short distance (10 cm maximum) using a high frequency of 13.56 MHz (but comparatively low compared to WiFi with 2.4/5 GHz) . These devices are often smartphones, smartwatches, payment terminals or even speakers. In return for a very low consumption, the speed is low (between 106 and 414 kbps) but does not require any pairing which allows two devices to communicate automatically when they are close to each other. It is also the secure technology used for contactless payment with your mobile. It allows you to read the memory of the electronic tag embedded in the NFCready digital card.

What are the advantages of NFC over QRcode?

  • NFC reading is done without launching an app. The smartphone automatically displays the page, the screen is on, while QR Code users must manually open the QR reader app. Then they have to scan to load the page.
  • NFC operation is not dependent on print quality or lighting conditions.
  • The information contained in a QR code is final, whereas with NFC, it is possible to allow users to modify the content.
  • NFC technology allows two devices containing this technology, such as a smartphone with a supermarket payment terminal, to interact.
  • In terms of security, when transmitting information, it is necessary that the equipment exchanging information be very close, less than 5 cm. This limits the risk of data theft.

NFCready® Card Technical characteristics

  • Size: 100 mm wide x 165 mm high x 5mm thick
  • Useful size of printable area: 85mm wide x 150mm high
  • All card designs are treated to resist detergents,
  • NFCready electronic component guaranteed for 10 years, compatible with all of your online digital content (your venue QRcode, your menu page on your website, your mobile app, your blog etc..),
  • The card can be placed on any type of material (plastic, wood, leather etc.) except metal. If your tables are metal, the NFCready cards will need to be presented on a vertical stand.
  • The card communicates with our server at each scan, in order to update your private page with the chronological statistics of your customers’ usage in the room: Tracking the number of daily or monthly scans with the breakdown by country of origin and the type of operating system of the phone used,
  • The card is entirely made in Europe and the digital part is French.
  • The application’s features respect privacy in its use.