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NFCready®, the communication protocol

What is NFC?

What are the advantages of NFC over QRcode?

  • NFC reading is done without launching an app. The smartphone automatically displays the page, the screen is on, while QR Code users must manually open the QR reader app. Then they have to scan to load the page.
  • NFC operation is not dependent on print quality or lighting conditions.
  • The information contained in a QR code is final, whereas with NFC, it is possible to allow users to modify the content.
  • NFC technology allows two devices containing this technology, such as a smartphone with a supermarket payment terminal, to interact.
  • In terms of security, when transmitting information, it is necessary that the equipment exchanging information is very close, less than 5 cm. There is therefore little risk that an outside party can collect this information.

Google , Apple and NFCready now offer instant mobile applications dedicated to NFC

What is instant application?

Imagine for a moment that you walk into a coffee shop and notice that there is a long line. Next to the cash register, you see a sign inviting you to skip the line and purchase your coffee via the coffee shop’s app.

First thought?

Let me tell you, mine would be, “I’m not going to install an app that will take up valuable space on my device.” That would then lead me to wonder what kind of data they are going to collect about my life and then I will probably get spammed. No thanks. And all this just to skip a line…

Avoid the lines without giving up privacy

Apps instantaneous are about to change the way you think, and; moreover, they are likely to change the way we interact with our environment using our mobile devices. They allow you to do “here and now” activities using your device almost instantly without sacrificing privacy or sharing your geolocation.

In the coffee example above, an NFCready® digital contactless card will invoke an instant app  where you are logged in using your mobile connection and can purchase using a wallet electronic allowing you to finalize your purchase in seconds, efficiently skipping the line.

Apple’s App Clips on iOS14 (video above), Google’s Instant App on Android, NFCready App  on the mobile web are generalizing new uses. Your NFC phone opens the doors of homes, your car, pays for your everyday purchases, informs you about the composition of everyday products, authenticates branded products, displays your restaurant menu, activates the vending machines of ticket machines and transportation, etc ….

Major brands integrate NFC into their products

  • Big brands (Nike, Adidas, Dyne, Bulgary .. ) are integrating NFC components into their product to improve user experience, engagement and customer relationship

Is NFC built into all smartphones?

    • On Android smartphones: most are NFC enabled.
    • On recent iPhones (iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max , iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 13 and future models ..), there is nothing to do. The iPhone automatically detects the NFCready card and launches the expected action. An NFC reader on iOS 14 is included natively.
  • On slightly older iPhones (iPhone X, 7 and 8) in iOS 14, no need for a dedicated app.Just launch the Apple NFC reader from the control center (where you manage Bluetooth, Wifi…).

Where does the NFCready card trigger on iPhone?

This may seem trivial, but it can lead to disillusionment over a malfunction. While Android smartphones often have the NFC-sensitive area right in the middle of the back, on iPhone, since the iPhone X, the area is at the very top of the phone, centered, right in the middle of the notch. Sometimes you have to make a slight sliding movement to improve the recognition. It should also be noted that even with a fairly thin cover, NFC recognition will work.