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NFCready®, the contactless electronic card in leather

The product

The NFCready® card is a unique contactless medium to facilitate your customers' digital experience. By going digital, you automatically save time and money, while increasing the reach and potential of your marketing. If you want your customers to access your menu and amenities via their cell phones, we have you covered.

the Offers

Our offerings are primarily aimed at the hospitality industry. We have worked on every detail to ensure that your needs are met.

We program the NFCready® CARDS with the following digital content:

Your QRcode,
Your Web site,
Your mobile application,
Your digital documents* in Adobe .PDF, .JPG or .PNG formats.

*Instant Application option

menu_nfcready_row742_ FRA.png

Ref: row757

CUSTOMIZED TEXT on leatherette

Move the mouse or finger inside the circle to see the details of the material

Our imitation leather is elegant, refined and its six possible colors perfectly accompany the majority of graphic charters. Our process is capable of reproducing any type of visuals, texts with great precision. We laser print your black and white creation on the front of the card (embossing type of rendering). It is possible to choose the scan area which is by default at the top of the digital card.

The offer includes the activation of a web page for monitoring the statistics of the scans and the remote update of the maps.

menu_nfcready_row756_ FRA

Ref: row758s


Move the mouse or finger inside the circle to see the details of the material

This is our most economical offer. The NFCready card in light brown leatherette with the standard text “NFC reading instructions” printed on it. Manufactured in large quantities, this standard card is delivered very quickly.

The offer includes the activation of a web page for monitoring the statistics of the scans and the remote update of the maps.


Ref: row758c


Move your mouse or finger over the image to see the colors in detail

Our colors are elegant, refined and perfectly match most graphic charters. The offer includes the opening of a private online page for monitoring the chronological statistics of customer connections.

The offer includes the activation of a web page for monitoring the statistics of the scans and the remote update of the maps.


VERSO printing option

Do you have an international clientele? Do you offer several services?

Example of double-sided printing in two languages – Ref: row_verso

This option allows you to have both sides printed.
This is useful, for example, to print the English version of the instructions if you have foreign customers.

Instant Application Option

You print your room-directory, your menus or your wine lists on paper ? You don't have your social networks, your events on your QRcode menu? We offer you a solution to update this information in your contactless digital cards.

Ref: wams_app

We develop a instant application with your information file.

1/ Hosting your Menu or Room Directory file with a content management account

We give you the opportunity to host on our server your digital file created for printing your room menus.
We open a personal and secure account for you. This access allows you to publish your document in your contactless digital cards.

At any time, you can change this file in a few seconds to remotely update all your menu cards. Your account on our platform allows you to set up a mobile page for smartphone and iPhone capable of displaying your prepared file in .PDF or JPG, .PNG image format.

2/ Adding icons for your customer to discover your web world.

You want to showcase your website, events, social accounts, other establishments etc?

We add a navigation bar at the bottom or top of your mobile page so that your customer discovers your entire internet world.
Each icon is linked to the web address or mobile application of your choice.

Some examples:

  • an INSTAGRAM icon will directly open the social mobile app on the client smartphone to your account page,
  • a CALENDAR icon will directly open your mobile website page to the Events Calendar section,
  • a SHARE icon will display a QRcode on the customer’s smartphone screen for another user not equipped with an NFC smartphone to view your information.

3/ Web Push Subscription

We enable a Push Notification Subscription icon in the Instant App. This icon is displayed as an overlay on the opening page of the digital map. It enables a major mobile marketing feature Web Push Notifications.

Web Push Notifications is a powerful and effective marketing tool adopted by businesses to communicate and interact with their audience, keep them informed of any important information, announce sales and offers, and eventually generate more e-commerce conversions. Email marketing has lost its charm. SMS marketing is almost dead. Push Notification has now taken over.

The subscription is anonymous. When the contact base reaches 1,000 subscribers, we offer notification operations. It is from this threshold that push campaigns are profitable.

What is an instant app?

Imagine for a moment that you walk into a coffee shop and notice that there is a long line. Next to the cash register, you see a sign inviting you to skip the line and purchase your coffee via the coffee shop’s app.
First thought?
Let me tell you, mine would be, “I’m not going to install an app that will take up valuable space on my device.” That would then lead me to wonder what kind of data they are going to collect about my life and then I will probably get spammed. No thanks. And all this just to skip a line…
Avoid the lines without giving up privacy
Instant apps are about to change the way you think, and; moreover, they are likely changing the way we interact with our environment using our mobile devices. They allow you to do “here and now” activities using your device almost instantly without sacrificing privacy or sharing your geolocation.
In the coffee example above, an NFCready® card will invoke a WAMS® App where you are logged in using your mobile connection and can purchase using a voice e-wallet allowing you to finalize your purchase in seconds, efficiently skipping the line.