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🌱amio.world: Omniverse in mixed reality accessible via the REALYTY® smart card.

The biggest companies in the world like Meta (facebook), Apple, Google, Amazon, Nike are using considerable resources to become the leader of the Metaverse. You now have the opportunity to be ahead of most other investors. According to Bloomberg, the Metaverse market could explode by 20x by 2024, in less than 2 years. Ark Invest and Grayscale estimate that the revenue generated by the Metaverse could reach $1 trillion! And that it will disrupt all industries in ways we can’t even imagine yet.
So investing in the Metaverse today is like buying Apple stock in 1980. But you have to act fast! Because the race for the Metaverse has already started and that’s why these stocks are expected to experience strong growth as early as the first half of 2023! NOW is the time to position yourself to take advantage of the biggest gold rush on Wall Street since the Internet Boom.

“”hello, this white paper is updated regularly to improve its understanding. REALYTY version 1.0 is 90% developed and has been self-financed since 2014 by selling other products and services via now closed companies. Our company YTY now centralizes the industrial property of all the project components. We are looking for 300K to finish the technical development and launch the marketing. Enjoy your reading. ”
Olivier Cordoleani – CEO

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