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Room-directory, menu cards, wine cards, business cards …..

The Benefits

Financial gain

One card is all you need: integrate your information directly. It’s the end of recurring costs at your printer and it’s also a much smaller investment than competing touchscreen-based digital solutions.

Save time

Your room-directory information, in-room menu or digital wine list is updated remotely and in real time. No more throwing away your documentswhen you change any information. Put all the information where people spend most of their time – their phones!

Increase your conversion rate

Your customers discover your other services, your events, your other establishments, your know-how, your history, your social networks etc…, while your staff is not available. Access and consultation of your information is made easy.

The “High-End” Evolution of QRcode

The card is a more elegant, aesthetically pleasing, direct and robust digital alternative to your old QRcode.  The NFCready card will have an extremely qualitative impact on your company’s image.


Great custom design

Our in-house designers will ensure that your brand identity is optimized with our solution. Print can be tailored to meet your exact needs. No level of detail is too much for us. For the premium leatherette model, our six colors fit most graphic charts. For the “crystal” model, there is no limit to the full color printing of your visuals.

Processed to resist detergents

NFCready cards are fully waterproof and can be disinfected.

A barrier to COVID

The contactless card reassures customers by avoiding the handling of various paper documents, sources of viral contamination.

Eco Responsible- Eco Sustainable

The end of paper printouts is finally here! It is urgent to change our habits in order to protect our planet. Trees provide us with oxygen, let’s give them a chance to blow! The recycled paper is 2 times more polluting to produce than conventional paper. (chemicals). In addition, the NFCready digital card consumes no energy. It does not need to be recharged. It is the user’s smartphone that provides the electric current “by induction” the moment the device approaches the card.


In terms of security, when transmitting information, it is necessary that the equipment exchanging information is very close, less than 5 cm. There is therefore little risk that an outside party can collect this information.

Customer delight with a unique/innovative experience

The contactless digital card enriches the presentation of your products with attractive photo and video content. A 100% mobile user experience appreciated by a growing number of connected customers. In addition to the ecological aspect, using NFCready cards has an extremely qualitative impact on your company image.

Corrects QRcode defects

No mobile app to launch

It can be read without installing or launching any application. The smartphone automatically displays the page, the screen is on, while QR Code users have to manually open the QR reader app. Then they have to scan to load the page,


NFCready card operation is not dependent on print quality or lighting conditions.


With its 10-year warranty on electronics, the digital card has a longer lifespan than your printed menus, room-directory. It resists all types of external aggressions: scratches, dust, detergents, violent shock, crushing, paint or coating.

Your usage statistics available online H24

Each card communicates with our server at each scan in order to update your private page with chronological statistics: Tracking the number of daily or monthly scans with the breakdown by country of origin and type of phone operating system.

Unlimited and instant updates

The information contained in a QR code is permanent, whereas for the NFCready digital card , it can be changed remotely.


Your digital Room Directory is a page on your website. You change your domain name and therefore your URL. We update your maps remotely.

They trust us

"The cards are beautiful and fit perfectly with the natural aesthetic of our Ecolodges. Mounted on the wall in this digital form, our room directories are no longer stolen at the end of our stay, which saves us a significant amount of printing."

Julia Antonini Responsable des Residences-Hotel Casalegna - www.casalegna.com